Please see some frequently asked questions about HighPoint Learning.
Class Requirements & Records

At HighPoint we offer all core subjects​: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts​, ​and Humanities classes which may include Art, Music or Theater​.

HighPoint Learning is a complete educational program​. Students ​are required to ​take classes in all ​subjects areas.

Your child will be working through online content at their own pace, independent of an instructor. There will be a staff member assigned to each student who will be available to answer questions via email.

Yes, there are grades and report cards provided online.

Financial Information

In order to partner with Clarkston Community Schools, you must live in Michigan. Your address must be in Oakland County or one of its surrounding counties. If you meet these requirements, your child can apply as a public school student through CCS. At that time, you will choose HighPoint Learning as the curriculum provider that you would like to utilize. Once your child is enrolled with CCS and you meet their requirements, they will pay for your child’s curriculum.

High School & Graduation

​Yes. HighPoint Learning is a program that partners with parents to provide the classes students need for their education. These classes are designed to meet the high school requirements and to prepare them for college and beyond.