HighPoint Learning
HighPoint Learning (HPL) is an online learning platform that serves students in grades K-12. Our unique curriculum guides students and parents through all required classes for a school year. 


Students whose families partner with HPL can access online learning videos, games, creative lessons, and reading and writing activities associated with incredible texts. Many of our assignments focus on hands-on activities and projects, so students can gather the information they need online and still create with their hands. Students can also read and write in physical books, if they so choose, and utilize a wide variety of content-specific materials.


HPL is a fantastic option for students who want to:

  • Encounter online content that focuses on mastery
  • Have the opportunity to utilize book learning and paper/pencil work
  • Experience a more flexible learning schedule
  • Learn from home in a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Invest time in pursuing passions beyond the classroom
  • Develop and utilize successful time management and life skills

Well Prepared

Designed by experienced teachers who have worked for years with students of all ages who are learning at home, HPL develops our students’ understanding of the world and kindles their curiosity to continue learning, even after they have finished an assignment. 


Learning from home can have a stigma, but we are here to challenge those old ideologies. Choosing to partner with HighPoint Learning doesn’t have to mean hundreds of hours staring at a screen. Our students navigate guided online lesson plans, create interactive presentations, develop projects, conduct experiments, read quality literature, write challenging essays, and so much more. 

We are excited about the future of our students. To find out more if HighPoint Learning is the right fit for your family please reach out to: [email protected]